About UKRA

The United Kingdom Rocketry Association (UKRA) represents high power, mid power, model and amateur/experimental rocketry in the United Kingdom. UKRA is also the specialist body to the BMFA with responsibilities for High Power Rocketry.

UKRA liaises with government bodies on behalf of UK rocketeers and, through it's certification programme and network of Range Safety Officers, ensures safe launches. UKRA member flights are insured directly with the BMFA, full details of the insurance including how to apply to be a member may be found here. Members of local rocketry clubs should apply for BMFA membership, and hence insurance, through their normal club membership process.

Since the formation of UKRA in 1996, UKRA has produced documentation to attain Third Party Insurance through the BMFA, up to and including commercially available M-class rocket motors (these are motors of up to 10,000 Newton seconds total impulse). Individual insurance is subject to UKRA members attaining the relevant certification level.

With the Model Achievement Programme we hope to extend our activities into schools and youth groups, in an effort to popularise the hobby, and provide encouragement and inspiration to future generations of rocketeers.

During a meeting of rocketeers at the International Rocket Weekend in Largs in Scotland, in August 1996, it was discussed and agreed by all UK rocketry groups and individuals present, that the UK rocketry community needed a national association dedicated to rocketry. One that would provide insurance, safety guidelines and liase on rocketeers behalf with government bodies. UKRA was the result.

Rocketeers from groups existing at that time such as; STAAR Research, MARS, NSRG, Thrust, AspireSpace, North West Rockets and groups that were to form in the following years such as; EARS and Black Knights, were all represented, as well as a Board Member of the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) from the U.S. and the Chair of UK-SEDS.

How we do it
UKRA is a formally constituted association. As such we have a constitution which defines our aims and an associated set of documentation which expands upon those aims and describes how the association operates. These documents are provided annually to the membership upon renewal.

The documentation is also available for download as PDFs. To read these you will need a PDF reader.