Join Us (Membership)

UKRA no longer operates as an independent club and instead operates as a consultative body to the British Model Flying Association and a wide range of educational. hobbyist and governmental organisations. You currently no longer need to pay renewal fees to remain a member. Club membership is recommended, please consider joining or starting a local rocketry club, more information is available here. Whether or not you join your local club flight insurance is mandatory. This is provided by the BMFA. If your club permits it you may join BMFA through the club, otherwise insurance may be obtained directly from the BMFA. UKRA membership itself is now perpetual and is initiated by a prospective member when one of the following occurs:

  In all of the above cases, you should send an email to attaching a scanned or electronic copy of the application form (download here). New members or those requiring a new photo, should attach a photo suitable for use on the membership card. The membership card should be presented to the Range Safety Officer when flying, this card demonstrates your certification level and allows the Range Safety Officer to ensure that you have appropriate certification for the flight being attempted. The flying club may choose to check your insurance either at event registration or at the point of flying, it is good practice to carry your BMFA membership card proving your insurance coverage and making it easy for your club to be confident that you are insured.