Manufacturer Sites

  • AED:
    R-DAS Recording Altimeter/Accelerometer with 6 additional channels and RDAS GPS Board, On Screen Display Board, Igniter Board, Accelerometer Board, and Data Telemetry Transmitter Board
  • Aero Pack Incorporated:
    Precision CNC machined and anodized aluminum Quick-Change Motor Retainers, Quick-Change Tail-Cone Motor Retainers and Quick-Change Motor Adapters.
  • Aerotech:
    Aerotech produce Solid Rocket Motors from 18mm diameter D-class to 98mm diameter N-class, as well as Hybrid Rocket Motors of 54mm diameter J-class and 98mm diameter M-class, as well as a range of rocket kits
  • Cesaroni - Hypertek Motors Site:
    Cesaroni's Hypertek Hybrid Rocket Motor website for their range of Hybrid Rocket motors from 54mm diameter I-class to 98mm diameter N-class, as well as full Ground Support Equipment.
  • Cesaroni - ProXX site:
    Cesaroni website dedicated to their ProXX range of solid rocket motors from 38mm diameter G-class to 98mm diameter M-class.
  • Contrail Hybrids:
    38mm diameter G-class to 150mm diameter O-class hybrid rocket motors
  • Defy Gravity:
    Tether recovery deployment systems
  • Eclipse Rocketry:
    Micro Hybrid Rocket Motors and Components.
  • G-Wiz:
    G-Wiz LCX Peak Altitude Altimeter/Accelerometer, G-Wiz MC2 Recording Altimeter/Accelerometer and G-Wiz DCS Recording Altimeter/Accelerometer with 7 additional channels and recording to CompactFlash
  • LAUNCH Magazine:
    LAUNCH is a new US magazine covering all forms of hobby rocketry and space flight. It is published six times per year and edited with the highest quality standards. LAUNCH is available by subscription, or can be ordered from The Rocket Store in the UK.
  • Loc8tor - Rocket retrieval system:
    Loc8tor is a hand held electronic homing device which can locate mini homing tags up to 600 feet away. An ideal gadget that will make sure you don't lose anything again!
  • LOC Precision:
    Rocket kits from 29mm (1.1 inches) diameter to 190mm (7.5 inches) diameter
  • Loki Research:
    38mm diameter H-class to 76mm diameter M-class Solid Rocket Motors and the Ozark ARTS Recording Altimeter with GPS support
  • Perfectflite:
    Very small Alt15K Recording Altimeter, MiniAlt W/D Recording Altimeter, HiAlt45K Dual Event Altimeter, MicroTimer 2 and MiniTimer 3 timers.
  • Public Missiles Ltd:
    Rocket kits from 29mm (1.1 inches) diameter to 190mm (7.5 inches) diameter
  • RATTWorks:
    29mm diameter H-class to 68mm diameter M-class hybrid rocket motors
  • Rouse-tech:
    CO2 deployment systems and Aerotech solid rocket motor compatible casings
  • Rowes Retainers:
    24 to 98mm Standard motor retainers, Coned motor retainers and slimline motor retainers. Thrust rings. Custom precision rocketry engineering.