Who can enrol?
Any UKRA member can enrol.

How do I enrol?
Send your details including membership number to the Model Achievement Programme Committee or the usual UKRA address.

How old do I have to be?
There is no minimum age, but you must do the task yourself!

What do I get?
On enrolment you get an attainment card, to chart your progress. After completion of each task you get a sticker for the attainment card. After completion of a level you get a certificate.

Can I still do more level 2 tasks once I have a level 2 certificate?
Yes, and you get a sticker for each additional task completed. The same applies to level 3.

When & where can I carry out my tasks?
You can carry out a task at any launch where there is a Model Achievement Programme Examiner.

Who are the approved examiners?
All UKRA RSOs are approved. In addition any UKRA member may apply to be approved examiners for the programme.

What does 'prep' mean?
Prep is short for prepare. It means get the rocket ready to fly. This means setting up the recovery system, putting the igniter in the motor, and the motor in the rocket.

What's a recovery system?
The recovery system is the device that makes sure the rocket will be able to fly again. Basically, the recovery system slows the rate of descent such that the rocket is not damaged when it lands. It might be a parachute or a streamer, which is deployed by the ejection charge of the motor. More sophisticated recovery systems include helicopter and glide. A helicopter recovery system deploys blades; a glide recovery rocket deploys wings, or moves the CG such that the rocket glides.

What does RTF mean?
Ready To Fly. Estes and Quest both make a range of RTF rockets. They require little or no construction prior to flying.

What's BP?
Black powder. Estes and Quest motors use BP as propellant.

What does CP mean?
The CP or centre of pressure, is the point in the rocket around which the effect of aerodynamic forces is equal.

What does CG mean?
The CG or Centre of Gravity, or 'balance point', is the point in the rocket around which the weight is equally distributed.

What's a 'cluster'?
When two or more motors are used to power a rocket it is referred to as a cluster.

What does RMS stand for?
RMS stands for Reloadable Motor System. The propellant is contained within a reusable aluminium casing. The user must assemble the motor & reload before use.