UKRA Range Safety Officer

UKRA Range Safety Officer Certification covers any UKRA member wishing to become a UKRA certified Range Safety Officer. A UKRA Range Safety Officer may act as Range Safety Officer at any launch or launch event for which the total impulse of any rocket flown, is not greater than the level of certification that the Range Safety Officer is certified to. i.e. a UKRA Range Safety Officer who is only certified to Level 1, may not act as a Range Safety Officer at a launch or launch event at which rockets which fall into the Level 2 category are flown. In order to obtain UKRA Range Safety Officer certification, the candidate is required to successfully pass a written, multiple choice UKRA level 2 examination. Once the exam has been passed, they must undergo an interview. A Study Guide for the L2/RSO exam is available for download as a .pdf or Portable Document Format file. To read this you will need a copy of Acrobat Reader. A free version of this is a available from Adobe, by clicking on the button below. Download the Study Guide The Study Guide will help you revise for the L2/RSO exam. It gives sample multiple choice questions, along with the correct answers. The questions from the actual exam papers are drawn from these questions. Study Guide The Certification Paperwork can be downloaded here, only this form will now be acceptable. Refer to your Members' information pack for detailed certification requirements.