UKRA Council

UKRA is run by a council selected from its members. We hold an annual election and also co-opt members onto council who are kind enough to volunteer to assist.

The current UKRA Council for 2019-2020 are

  • Chair - Michael Williams
  • Vice-Chair - Jonathan Rhodes
  • Secretary - John Bonsor
  • Treasurer - Andy Mell
  • Membership Secretary - Andy Calver
  • Council member - Paul Carter
  • Council member - Stuart Livings
  • Council member - Michael Hoffmann

    UKRA also has one major sub-committee.

    This is the Safety and Technical Sub-Committee.
    This group handles all aspects of rocketry relating to the safety code, certification policy and technical inquiries and aspects of flight.
    The current members are:-

  • Chair of Safety & Technical - Jonathan Rhodes
  • Committee member - Andy Calver
  • Committee member - Paul Carter