Submitting a NOTAM

Civil Aviation Authority NOTAM Procedures - Submitting a NOTAM
It is a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requirement that all air users should be advised of unusual air activities that might be hazardous. This includes model rocket launches. The process for notifying air users is called the "Notice to Airmen" or NOTAM. This appendix tells you how to request a NOTAM.

NOTAMs are requested 28 days before the event by sending an email to . The email follows a specific format which is summarized below:

A. School 250605
B. Anytown. Grid Ref SX5678. X mile radius.
C. 0606251000 local
D. 0606251700 local
E. Model rocket flying. Surface to 1500 ft. Highest Impulse 1,280NS. POC Fred Smith 07123 123123.

Decode of their automatic input format:

Line A: Reference number, user defined and unique
Line B: Location in text and 4-figure grid reference or lat-long, the radius should reflect the area hazardous to other aircraft.
Line C: YY MM DD time for start. Add "local" otherwise they assume GMT.
Line D: YY MM DD time for finish
Line E: Activity and requested airspace including the highest impulse rocket motor being flown, Ask for what you really need and don't overstate it. Contact number should be someone onsite that pilots can talk to.

The email should be sent to and titled "NOTAM Request". If you want to talk to the cell for advice telephone 020 7453 6599.