Information Sites

  • British Interplanetary Society:
    The British Interplanetary Society serves both space flight professionals and those with a general interest in space flight and astronautics. The Society has a worldwide membership, and is actively devoted to supporting forward looking policies and visionary thinking towards the advancement of space flight through its publications, symposia, meetings and other events. It is the world’s longest established organization devoted to the promotion of astronautics both nationally and internationally.
  • EMRR:
    Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews has kit reviews, launch reports, construction articles, plans, RockSim files and much more...
  • European Rocketry:
    European Model Rocketry, the European rocketry portal! Since 1996, you will find here informations, links/directories and services about model rocketry, highpower and amateur/experimental rocketry in Europe
  • INFOcentral:
    Rocketry Online brings you INFOcentral, the online hobby rocketry resource. Designed to assist old and new enthusiasts alike, INFOcentral presents commonly referenced industry terms and definitions together with graphical representations of the subject matter.
  • Model Rocket informational links:
    Page with lots of useful model rocketry links.
  • NASAs Rocketry Pages:
    This contains a list of all Rocket related information on the Nasa website inculding the rocket model simulator.
  • NATS Aeronautical Information Service:
    Enroute document downloads, including UK airspace maps and flight levels. See section 6.7 for Surface to 19,500 ft and section 6.8 for 19,500 ft to 24,500 ft.
  • Out of this World Learning:
    Science and Rocketry Workshops in Primary and Secondary schools nationwide
  • Rocketeers: a British view of commercial spaceflight:
    My blog on space developments in the United Kingdom, with emphasis on the rapidly-growing field of commercial human spaceflight... Because I care about when *I* get to go to space.
  • Rocketry List:
    A list of rocketry websites
  • Rocketry Online:
    Rocketry News website, with forums, auctions.
  • Rocketry Planet:
    This site has all the latest news mostly from the US, it also has forums, chat and auctions
  • The Rocketry Forum:
    The Rocketry Forum is a forum site for all things rocketry, the site is moderated so that it is child friendly. They also have chat functionality.
    Here you can find data for commercial model and high-power rocket motors usable with rocket simulation programs for flight prediction. The certification organizations test commercial motors and certify them for hobby use. This site organizes data on those motors and provides simulator files.
  • UHR (University of Hertfordshire Rockets):
    Rocketry at the University of Hertfordshire, undertaken by staff and students. It provides a source of information, launch reports and descriptions of the building of a range of rockets from model rockets to Level 3.
  • UKAYRoC:
    UK Aerospace Youth Rocketry Challenge (UKAYRoC) challenge is based upon the successful Team America Rocketry Challenge, the largest model rocket showcase in the USA. The UKAYRoC provides secondary school students (11-18) a realistic experience in designing a flying aerospace vehicle that meets a specified set of mission and performance requirements. Students work in teams the same way aerospace engineers do. It is not intended to be easy, but it is well within the capabilities of secondary school students with a good background in science and maths and some craftsmanship skills.