Model Achievement Programme Online Handbook

The Model Achievement Programme is for UKRA members and youth groups associated with UKRA members. The programme requires that the Model Rocketeer complete a range of tasks, exercising a range of skills, knowledge and experience.

There are three levels, which must be completed in order. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of each level. Each level comprises one or more tasks either optional or mandatory. Each task involves a certifying flight, which must be carried out in the presence of a Model Achievement Programme Examiner. For each level, the mandatory task must be carried out first. The optional tasks may be carried out in any order.


All members will receive a copy of this handbook when they renew their membership. Junior members will also receive attainment cards. The attainment card records the progress of the Model Rocketeer through the programme. Senior members may apply to be Model examiners and run a scheme with a local youth group. They will then receive an information pack with sufficient attainment cards, task completion forms and task stickers for their needs. The programme is free to UKRA members. There are two modes of registration for youth groups, insured, and uninsured. The insured mode takes advantage of the BMFA group insurance scheme, the price is the cost of the BMFA insurance plus a small administration charge to UKRA. The uninsured mode assumes that the youth group have made separate arrangements for insurance, and consists only of the payment to UKRA.

Task Completion

Prior to the attempt a task form must be filled out, stating the name of the Model Rocketeer, UKRA number, date, location, associate club membership (if appropriate), the task to be attempted, and a description of the rocket used. Each task must be completed in the presence of a Model Examiner. On successful completion of a task, the Model Examiner will sign the form and pass it to the Model Achievement Programme Committee. A sticker is awarded to mark progress on the achievement card.

Only one task may be attempted on any given day but, if a Model Rocketeer fails a task, the same task may be attempted again on the same day. Successful completion of tasks will be recorded on the UKRA website.

Level Completion

On completion of a level the Model Rocketeer will be sent a certificate. Once a particular level has been completed, the Model Rocketeer may move on to the tasks of the subsequent level. Remember, once you have completed your mandatory and optional tasks for any given level, there is nothing to stop you from completing all the other tasks in that level. In the future, the Model Achievement Programme Committee may introduce other awards to present to Model Rocketeers who demonstrate such mastery of rocketry!


All Model Achievement Programme flights must be undertaken in the presence of a Model Examiner. Model Examiners must be full UKRA members, and are appointed after interview with a member of the Model Achievement Programme Committee and an RSO. If you want to become a Model Examiner, contact a member of the Model Achievement Programme Committee.