AGM 2021 by Zoom

UKRA AGM 2021, Wednesday 29th September, by Zoom.
Dear UKRA Members.
The UKRA Council is pleased to announce the 2021 AGM. To enable maximum participation, particularly in the current COVID-19 situation, the AGM will be held by Zoom. The link for that will be posted, and provided directly to all UKRA Members, in due time before the AGM, along with the evening time for the AGM, and the Agenda.
A mechanism to enable clear and fair voting at the AGM on Zoom will be announced in due time.
Nominations for Council positions are requested – to be communicated to the Secretary prior to the AGM, or at the AGM. The Constitution provides for eight. At present we have five (5) members -
Chair – Michael Williams
Vice Chair - Vacant
Secretary – John Bonsor
Treasurer – Vacant
Membership Secretary – Andy Calver
Paul Carter – Ordinary Council Member (Safety & Technical Committee Member)
Mike Hoffman – Ordinary Council Member
Current Council Members may stand for re-election.
The AGM can hear, consider, and vote on alterations for changes to the Constitution. Proposals for any such changes should be communicated to the Secretary in writing (letter or e-mail, or letter attached with e-mail) at least two (2) weeks prior to the AGM.
For full details pertaining to the AGM arrangements and rules – which include provision for on-line AGM and voting – please see Section 5 of the UKRA Constitution at -
The Council apologises that there was no AGM in 2020. That was partly due to COVID-19 concerns, Hence the decision to try holding this year’s AGM by Zoom – a facility that many of us have become rather familiar with this past year or so. As there was no AGM in 2020 this year’s one is all the more important for the future of UKRA in its rocketry supporting and advisory role. Please support UKRA and its purposes through active participation in this year’s AGM. This announcement is also being sent to UKRA members by direct e-mail.