Hi all,
I had an email from AROps advising they are no longer accepting NOTAM requests on the previous forms. They have moved to an online system.

Message reads as below:

Please complete all future Notam requests using the following website and bookmark this link for future use:

The advantages of the online system are that the resulting submission will generate an Application Submission Number that can then be quickly tracked by us on our system, should you need request an update on the status, as it moves through, from initial submission, plotting, deconfliction, assessment and then if necessary issuing of a NOTAM, or permission /airspace co-ordination notices. In addition, a copy of the submission can be emailed to yourself at the end for retention.

Please submit These, and all future requests, using the above link.


Airspace Regulation (Utilisation) Operations
Civil Aviation Authority
01293 983 880.
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 0830 – 1630.
Please consider the environment. Think before printing this email.