UKRA Membership and Certification Updates

Dear UKRA membership and members to be,

As a result of feedback we have graciously received on the membership and certification processes we have made some interim improvements to simplify the administration and therefore minimise the time it takes for you to receive your membership cards and certificates.

This is an interim step until we are able to bring a fully online membership system into service.

Therefore please note the following:

  1. There are new membership and certification documents on the UKRA website.  Effective immediately, only these documents will be accepted for membership, certification or RSO changes.
  2. At all times the member (or pending member) is responsible for their documentation, including getting the right signatures and submitting the documentation to UKRA.  Your RSO is not responsible for your paperwork, only for providing their details, comments and approval.
  3. All certification documents now require RSO details including an RSO signature.
  4. Non-UKRA members wishing to obtain certification (typically Level 1) MUST fill in a separate membership form with their certification.
  5. Payment for memberships MUST be sent directly to UKRA in accordance with the instructions on the forms.  Membership and certification payments may no longer be proxied by clubs or RSOs.

While this may seem a little draconian please do understand that these changes are for your benefit, as they will reduce the confusion and time taken to resolve membership and certification changes.

For events that the current membership administrator (Naomi Mildenhall) is attending please feel free to talk to her regarding your membership enquiries or for submission of your paperwork.  In all other circumstances please ensure that you have fully completed your paperwork before you leave site, including all relevant signatures, and then email for the next steps.