Data Loss & Website Issues

Due to a recent issue with the UKRA website hosting provision, we have incurred a small amount of data loss which we are in the process of trying to recover.
Please bear with us whilst we try and fix this issue.
Should anyone discover anything slightly amiss with the website or contents, please let us know using the Contact Form.

Membership renewals for 2016

The council have considered the financial position of UKRA and the current fee structure. We have decided to make some changes to simplify and encourage membership and certification.

UKRA Membership fees for 2016 are as follows:

UKRA full membership - £5 (down from £10)
L1/L2/L3 and RSO certifications - are now free (down from £5) and will include a printed certificate. Pin badges for levels are £2.50 (no change)



Welcome to the new UKRA website.
There is plenty of information on here but we are currently working on more content and lots of adjustments - so please view as a work in progress.
If anyone has suggestions for improvements, please email the webmaster or chair using the contact form.

Happy flying!

Richard Parkin, 1975 to 2015. Former UKRA Member 1258, RIP.

It is with sadness that the UKRA Council notes the death of rocketeer and UKRA Member Richard Parkin. This sad news was brought to the Council's attention by Richard's sister Gill Chetcuti. It is thought that Richard passed away on the weekend of Saturday 18th - Sunday 19th April, however, the date of Richard's death has been put at Tuesday 21st April, as that is the date upon which he was found at home by paramedics.