Nominations to stand for election

The UKRA Council hereby invites any UKRA member to nominate themselves to council in advance of the Annual General Meeting.

The existing council have offered to stand for election:
Michael Williams - Chair
John Bonsor - Secretary
Mike Hoffman - Membership Secretary
Andy Mell - Treasurer
Jonathan Rhodes - Chair Safety and Technical
Rick Newlands - Safety and Technical
Paul Carter - Safety and Technical/Club consultant
Stuart Livings - CAA liaison

New UK Altitude record

Team Sunr1de at the University of Sheffield successfully set a new UK national altitude record at Spaceport America, New Mexico, USA on Friday 21st June 2019.

The rocket 'Helen' reached an altitude of 36,274 ft on a CTI N5800 C-Star motor and was successfully recovered

rocket launch

UKRA Council Resignation

UKRA regrets to announce the resignation of Charles Simpson from the UKRA Council. Charles is resigning to pursue other interests, including his own rocketry.

Charles has been an enormous contributor to rocketry for decades and has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to improve the hobby for all members of the community, especially with regard to how rocketry is viewed by government and the authorities.